words by the name of “Legion”

Welcome to the adventures of a writer…

This is a blog about writing, writers, words, and the putting together of the last that culminates the art which is known as the first, by the hand of the middle. (Note that this can sometimes be a very complicated culmination, because I sometimes conveniently forget to edit….)

Anyway, like I was saying, this is a sort of journal of a writer’s journey. (Me being the writer – Hi!) My personal dreams of being a writer include publishing books – hopefully more than one, hence the plurality – being a journalist, and writing lots of things in general (preferably not obituaries – that would just be sad).

I am currently studying to be a writer, and so this blog will contain lots of learnisms (I am also a neologist [that is a legit word], or word inventor – FYI). Here will also be a collection of my favorite words; some of my own words; and my thoughts about words (and by “words” I don’t mean single entities, but whole creations of art).

And so, without further ado –



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