About the author…

Here are a few things I should warn you about myself:

I am a radical follower and friend of Jesus Christ and really like to talk about Him…a lot. (AKA: a Jesus Freak.)
I am slightly crazy. (Sanity is relitave.)
I quote the Bible often and much. (“In God will I praise His Word: in the Lord will I praise His Word.” {Psalm 56:10})
I am extremely random. (China.)
I am a nerd. (“May the Force be with you.”)
I love to write. (A lot.)
I love (good) books, music, and movies and therefore quote and refer to them often. (You should definitely check out the stuff I refer to- it’s good stuff!!)
I am an inventor of words. (A wordinator?)
I love fantasy, sci-fi, and imagination in general. (And rainbows.)
I do not like cockroaches. (Or tomatoes.)

There you have it. That’s just barely skimming the surface of me and what I’m about,, but you’ll discover the rest as you read the posts. (Also, you may want to know that I love using parentheses.)

If you have any feedback or questions or comments, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

In His love,


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