a bit more Haiku…

A fine haiku presents a crystalline moment of heightened awareness in simple imagery, traditionally using a kigo or season word from nature.

~Patricia Donegan, author of haiku mind. 


I love the world of hope that the simple ellipse brings to the poem below. Though the world is full of tears, there is that “yet,” that signifies some kind of light at the end of the tunnel…

     this world of dew

is yes, a world of dew

and yet…



This one is one of my favorite haikus. I imagine a war-torn (what a dramaticly descriptive word: “war-torn”) land – dark and dreary – with a curtain of rain falling; pitted with craters and destruction. Night falls, and the skies clear, and suddenly a pool of stars is reflected in the craters, speaking of an expanse much bigger than any trouble on earth.

     after the rain

bomb craters filled

with stars

~John Brandi


This one speaks for itself.

     clear stars

in the cold night

after the planes’ roar

~Hideno Ishibashi


Here, one can see the seasons passing by; the bigger picture of time passing by, and no matter how we may try or want to try to keep it with us, it will escape our grasp…

     i catch

the maple leaf     then let

it go

~John Wills


The intensity of the moment when there is only you and the other, and your eyes follow the delicate petal down to the table, but you catch the gaze of the person sitting across from you. Love.

a petal falls


across the table

~Steve Sanfield


Haiku………I wish I could define it.


3 thoughts on “a bit more Haiku…

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